Photo session OFF meeting on end of year at Tokyo, Dec.2016.

These are last/ First article of uploading 2016/2017. And I say for all, A Happy New Year!

These images were taken on the Photo-shooting OFF meeting of the last of year, 2016 at house studio in Tokyo, Dec. 2016. This meeting were planned and managed by TAKA and supporters.

There are character name and origin of each kigs.


These have presented by members who come in with this P.S.OFF meeting; TAKA(Conductor), Cavalry of KarlIV, DobeeGXchg., Jack&E, SanKakuHa, Satoken, Tamakyuu, TonTa, TouTetsu, Yotheey, and Lewin. And having ARR.



  1. Herbert Haus Herbert Haus より:

    Happy New Year Lewin!

  2. Akira Naotora Akira Naotora より:

    Happy New Year ^^

  3. Stan Danny Stan Danny より:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!

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